Elite Sports Training's mission is to provide the highest quality strength and conditioning training with passion and attitude that builds character.
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College Bound Athletes

The College Bound Athletic Fitness program provides a high quality, result based strength training program to the committed high school student athlete preparing for college competition.

Prep School Bound

Our program provides the middle school athlete the physical and mental preparation valued by high school athletic programs as they to strive to make a successful transition to high school athletics.

Active Adults

This program rests on the foundation of functional and athletic strength training. Each one of our workouts focuses on a combination of three areas; cardio, total body strength and core.

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Why Choose Elite Sports Training?

Experienced Strength & Conditioning Pros

Elite’s NSCA Certified strength and conditioning specialists work to enhance athletic performance by maximizing an individual’s flexibility, mobility, stability, strength, power, and speed.

Testing and Results

EST Performance Reports document an athlete’s size, strength, speed and power in detail building a concrete track record of athletic improvement to highlight and assist in recruiting efforts.

Continuous Improvement

Key performance measurements are recorded and presented in reports to highlight improvement ares and assist in recruiting efforts.

Injury Prevention

EST Programs incorporate techniques to eliminate mobility dysfunction, and focus on injury prevention.

Elite Sports Training

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Frequently Asked Questions

Elite Sports Training offers programs that are unlike anything you’ve experienced before.  We offer programs aimed at all ages, but some are directed specifically at Prep School & College Bound Athletes.  We’re available to answer any questions you may have, but some questions we hear frequently.

What age groups do you work with?
Our Prep Bound Program is the first level: Offering classes for Junior High / Middle School upperclassmen. College Bound athletes can enter our program through age 18. After that, our Active Adults classes will cover everyone college age or older.
Are You A Personal Trainer?
Elite Sports Training does offer one-on-one training sessions at $60 per session (non-member price) & $40 per session (member price).
Is This Crossfit?
We work with clients who have done Cross Fit training regularly. However, Elite Sports Training programs differ from Cross Fit programs in several ways:

  • EST Bound & Adult Programs are lower intensity
  • We teach proper technique focused on providing Sports Specific results
  • Just like every pro athlete, EST clients work with Athletic Trainers, as well as Certified Strength & Conditioning Coaches
  • One goal of EST programs is Long Term Injury Prevention

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