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Working with Elite Sports trainer Matt, I observed two things immediately. One, his body of knowledge in sports training was impressive. Two, his easygoing training style was effective by inspiring me to push harder while keeping it positive. Matt helped me surpass my training goals. Bottom line, if you are willing to put in the work, he gets you results.

Cutter Houck

Advanced Adult, Beckley WV

I want to say Thanks for everything also! You have really helped him step up his game and most importantly since he’s been working with you his focus is more real and that has eliminated a lot of his training procrastination! He has a God given talent and we’ve all been excited to see the result of being with a professional trainer- it looks good on him 🙂
On behalf of Team Thomas your training is appreciated!

Bobby Thomas's Pro Boxing Team

Are you ready to make your workouts really work? If you are like me, you lift weights, run, do CrossFit, P90X and play sports – but if you want to take it to the next level — check out Elite Sports Trainings consulting services. Work with a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS) with extensive knowledge about the latest secrets and training techniques to maximize your gains and athletic potential.

Because EST has experience creating strength training programs and working with elite and professional athletes, a training design can be created and expertly presented with your needs in mind and incorporate those techniques into an intense, customized program. I am constantly modifying my personal fitness and I also work on developing fitness programs with my patients as a healthcare professional. I can honestly say that EST’s programs are nothing like you have ever experienced. The strength training specialist I worked with had anintuitive knowledge about fitness training which is incorporated at whatever level the client(s) may be. Results oriented, you will not be disappointed.

Dr. Michael Kominsky

Chiropractor, Independent Medical Services

Thank you for all you have done for Brett. Because of your effort since 2009 to present, I have seen my son transform in many positive ways.

Today, he is stronger, going from skinny to “Hulk Like”. Brett is more agile, quicker, and faster, with a much improved vertical leap. The statistics really show how you redefined his movement and strength. His success in basketball is proof as well.

As important as all that is, you did something far greater for Brett. You taight him how to be more confident, goal oriented, focused, and that one’s success is directly related to their amount of hard work and effort. You strongly reinforced many of the things his Mother and I are trying to teach him at home.

Every parent must present their child with great opportunities. Little did I know that first day on 2009 that you would become the tremendous, positive influence on Brett that you are. Your gentle and tough approach with him earned you great admiration and respect from both of us.

Donnie Bowling

Beckley WV

Elite Sports owner, Matt and I played football at Marshall University together. When he was at Marshall he displayed a great work ethic. He really excelled in the weight room. He was one of the top lifters at Marshall and was a really good Olympic lifter, especially with form and technique. The things he acquired at Marshall and his experience and studies after Marshall have definitely put him in an elite group of trainers that are able to train athletes of all ages to get to the next level. I have played at every level from junior college all the way up to the NFL, so based on what I know and have seen of him I would definitely endorse Matt Morris as a next level trainer.

Derek Devine

Quarterback, Seattle Seahawks

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