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Elite Sports Training’s mission is to provide the highest quality strength and conditioning training with passion and attitude that builds character.

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Olympic Style Training

Training a functional athlete is built on a foundation of dynamic ground based movement with a high concentration of Olympic style lifting. In OS training athletes operate in multiple planes against an external resistance or dynamic movement just as they do in sport. The goal is to maximize athletic potential by making athletes fast and strong, while incorporating injury prevention.

Correct Dysfunction

Create a stronger resistance to injury by achieving mobility and stability norms. Although athletes need to posses qualities in speed, strength, power, balance, agility, conditioning, coordination, etc., these skills cannot be fully utilized with body dysfunction. In order to have the kinetic chain work properly, you have to eliminate mobility dysfunction. Incorporate corrective action plans (preventative maintenance) concerning any dysfunction within an athlete to optimize their athletic potential.

Train for Power

Power is speed; speed kills. By utilizing high volume training curriculums centered around ground based movements with a focus on Olympic style lifting increases speed of movement and force production. This coupled with body position training and proper movement techniques will result in a faster athlete. Greater force production enables greater speed.

Maximize Athletic Potential

Being an athlete is more than what your capabilities are on a field, court, or weight room; it is who you are as a person that will determine your success in life. The most successful athletes always embody a multitude of positive attributes including but not limited to: positive attitude, passion, commitment, accountability, enthusiasm, respect, humility, mental toughness, and goal oriented thinking. The proper synergy of these qualities builds character and provides “the athlete” with great opportunity for success.

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