Looking For A Fitness Program That Provides Results?

The “Active Adult” program serves physical, competitive adults that are looking for an edge through training together in a team setting with result based programs.

No games; No gimmicks; No hype; just results.

This program rests on the foundation of functional and athletic strength training. Each one of our workouts focuses on a combination of three areas; cardio, total body strength and core. Training courses are instructed by certified strength coaches in an athletic department environment with an indoor turf field, weight rooms and cardio amenities.

Train Hard, Train Smart.


EST’s active adults will experience workouts focusing on improvements in the areas of; body fat %, body measurements, flexibility, cardiovascular health and functional strength gains.

3 Day Workouts

Our 3 day training weeks are conducted by certified training specialist.

Each of the 3 days will have a morning session at 6:30am and evening session at 5:30pm. Build your training schedule around your needs by coming to one or the other, or both! Have your training program managed by a team of qualified, certified, experienced fitness professionals!

Accountability for Success

All EST programs hold the athletes and clients accountable to: attend with purpose, train with effort, encourage others, and believe in yourself. Your improvements are a direct result of your commitment level.

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