Are You Prep School Bound?

Our “Prep Bound” program serves Middle School upperclassmen that are committed to improve their athletic potential in efforts to compete successfully at the next level. Our program provides middle school athletes with physical and mental preparation valued by high school athletic programs as they to strive to make a successful transition from middle school to high school athletics.

If you want to play at the next level; train at the next level!

This program is designed to diagnose dysfunction and develop speed, power and strength while allowing you to reach your “athletic potential”. Each one of our workouts focuses on improvements of particular sets of skills that will be sought after by recruiting coaches like speed agility and power from athletes with strong commitment and character.

Train Hard, Train Smart.

A Look at Your Strength Training Program

Our 4 day training weeks are designed by a NSCA Certified strength and Conditioning Specialist who manages the Monday through Thursday program. This training program design focuses on providing a physically functional foundation that will assist in paving the pathway for the transition to the next level.

Each of the 4 days has a focus on certain aspects of all sport such as sprinting, agility, bounding, strengthening and conditioning. Build your training schedule around your needs: (ex. A basketball player would focus on agility and bounding days with attendance on conditioning days leading into season or a track athlete never missing a speed day so on and so forth for all sports). Have your training program managed by a team of qualified, certified, experienced fitness professionals!

Tracking Progress

All members of EST’s fitness programs will be tested on their physical progress every 3 months. These tests will document the athlete’s size, strength, speed and power in detail building a concrete track record of your athletic improvement to highlight and assist in your recruiting efforts. YOUR HARD WORK; documented, tracked, delivered.

Character Development

This program holds the athlete accountable to: attend with purpose, train with effort, encourage others, and believe in yourself so that you may successfully compete with passion and attitude. Actions and decisions made on these supporting principals build character and position that individual for success.

These qualities will manifest quickly in the Physical Performance Reports (PPR) you will be provided with but ultimately this type of character development extends well beyond a physical results report card.

Training with us creates a transparent fitness portfolio of your athletic capabilities put in black and white and provided to you. Showcase your portfolio and history of improvement to prospecting collegiate coaches. Your improvements are a direct result of your commitment level.


This program is aimed to focus on talented middle school athletes that are goal oriented individuals prepared to grow mentally and physically in his or her pursuit to play at the next level. Elite Sports Training can provide a solid foundation of results for your presentation to the opportunities you may have waiting; but that all depends on what YOU want to do.

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